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how it works

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This can be done by video call, phone call or in person.

We listen to and discuss your wishes and expectations.


From photographs, we will give an estimate of cost and time needed for the treatment and this can be accurately quoted when you are seen in person.

Muller will ask you many questions and we encourage you to do the same. The consultation is usually 30 minutes but will be as long as you need.


We will also describe to you what to expect during each stage of the process as well as how to be best prepared for each session.


This step is not always enforced, however, we insist on it to comply with recommended best practise. 

There is no charge for the patch test and it is done at the same time as agreeing your treatment plan. 

The pigment we use is hypoallergenic and there is likely to be no adverse reaction.

For those with sensitive skin or skin conditions, we can provide a patch test for your peace of mind.


We test a small area in a discreet place such as behind the ear.

You can then observe any adverse reactions to the pigments over a 24hr period.


The SMP sessions are scheduled to fit in with your diary, ideally with a minimum of two weeks apart.

We share with you how to prepare your scalp and yourself for the best results.

Small actions during the days before your treatment will help you feel confident and ready.

SMP PRO scalp micropigmentation near me london herts beds bucks best cheap cheapest


Together we confirm your treatment plan as discussed during your consultation. For a shaved head, the hairline is sketched out and the first application of pigment is made.

The session lasts typically two to three hours, and we take a short break halfway through.

For a couple of days afterwards, the area will be slightly red and a little tender.

We will share with you aftercare guidelines and will always be on call for questions or concerns between sessions.

SECOND SMP SESSION – day 14 or later

This is a similar session to the first one lasting two to three hours. We add density to the area first treated.

You will experience a similar recovery period and the same aftercare guidelines are recommended.

THIRD SMP SESSION – day 28 or later

This session usually lasts only two hours and takes place at least one week after the second session.

You can also wait a few weeks before having this third session if you prefer. It gives the skin time to heal fully while the pigment settles in the dermal layer.

Occasionally more than three sessions are required which is dependent on how your skin absorbs the pigment. We will have a better expectation of this after the first session.

Step 4: TOP UP SESSION – 2-5 years later

There are many factors which determine how soon you will wish to have a top up session. Here are a few examples which vary for everyone:

  • Your preference in appearance

  • Amount of exposure to sun

  • How your skin retains the pigment

  • Daily routines of moisturising, shaving, exfoliating


A fully treated scalp may require a top up sooner than someone who has thinning hair and used SMP to create the effect of density.

SMP PRO scalp micropigmentation near me london herts beds bucks best cheap cheapest
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