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SMP-PRO: hair loss SOLVED!

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the fastest growing and most effective hair loss solution.
It is a technique where colour pigments are placed just under the skin which simulate the look of hair follicles.

At SMP PRO we offer transformation, relaxation and discretion.

Our purpose built clinic is located in Hertfordshire, just 15mins from the intersection of the M1 and M25.

SMP: The results you can expect

  • ​Bring forward the hairline and add density to a shaved head

  • Increase the look of density in areas of thinning hair

  • Disguise scars within the hairline

  • Provide pigment in areas of hair loss caused by alopecia or cancer treatments

  • Effective treatment for Men and Women with all stages of thinning hair

SMP-PRO: Why choose us

  • Muller is the SMP Practitioner, he was certified in January 2022

  • In addition to SMP, Muller graduated as a Professional Dental Technician in 2006, he is registered with the GDC and continues to own and operate his Dental Laboratory specialising in Dental Prostheses

  • The newly purpose built SMP clinic is fully licensed and insured, with the highest level of hygiene

  • Top up treatments can be free by taking part in a referral rewards program

  • We only use the highest grade, GHS Classified, Hypoallergenic, Organic, Vegan 'Carbon Black' pigment which is colour stable

Cost and Timescales

  • Prices start from £250

  • A £150 deposit is taken in advance, this is then deducted from the cost of the first two sessions

  • Complimentary Patch Test

  • Ideally 14 days between sessions for your scalp to rest

  • More than two sessions are not always necessary, it varies depending how your scalp responds to the pigment

  • Top up treatments happen two or more years later at approximately 1/3 of the cost of the original treatment

  • Weekend and Evening Appointments available

How to find us

  • The address is: Stagg Farm, Hogpits Bottom, Flaunden, Hertfordshire, HP3 0PX

  • Easy to reach location 15 mins from Junction 20 of the M25 / Junction 6 of the M1

  • Nearest stations: Watford, Stanmore, Edgware, Croxley, Chesham, Amersham, Hemel Hempstead

  • 45mins from Luton and Heathrow airports

  • Private Parking

smp - understanding the pros & cons


  • Non invasive - no surgery

  • No incisions or scars

  • Virtually no downtime

  • Much Lower cost vs a hair transplant

  • Pain free, more like an itchy sensation during treatment and only slight redness and mild swelling for 24hrs after

  • Relatively low cost to maintain, on average £250 every 3-5 years


  • The treatment takes place over multiple visits and can not be done all in one go. Don’t trust anyone who tells you it can!

  • The procedure can aggravate dermatitis or keloid scars for and should be avoided by people with these conditions

  • Possible infection from a non sterile needle and/or environment

  • Possible unnatural or undesirable appearance


Choosing a knowledgable and experienced practitioner will avoid these downsides and give you the best possible outcome.


What Clients Say

I am thrilled with my Scalp Micropigmentation SMP experience. My self-esteem has improved, and I now feel beautiful again, every day. Thank you Muller for being so kind. HB *****

Any questions?

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Feel free to message us here with your thoughts. 

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